A week's work will be completed in a few days! Bill Gates enumerated the benefits of AI

Bill Gates on Artificial Intelligence: Experts have different opinions regarding Artificial Intelligence, after which a new debate has started. Meanwhile, Microsoft founder Bill Gates says that AI will help humans make their work easier. He said that after the advent of AI, if humans work only three days a week, then its benefits will increase. 

Bill Gates said all these things in an interview about AI. Gates says that with the advent of AI, if humans do a week’s work in just three days, then it will directly benefit humans. Not only this, he said about ChatGPT that in the beginning I did not expect that ChatGPT would answer the questions of the users so well.

‘It is not necessary that everyone loses their jobs…’

Bill Gates, regarding the fear of jobs being lost due to AI, said that there is no need to worry about it. This has been happening, even when personal computers came, the way of working in offices changed, but due to this, offices were not closed and people did not lose their jobs. Similarly, AI will also change the way we work. Gates further said that for this we will have to learn some things, adapt and prepare ourselves accordingly. It is not necessary that everyone will lose their job. 

Earlier, Bill Gates, while addressing the students at North Arizona University in America, said that in my young days, I only liked to work and in my young days, I did not believe in taking leave. I didn’t even believe in weekends and I used to just work all the time. 

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