AI Voice Scam: Scams started happening due to Artificial Intelligence, know what is AI Voice Fraud and how to protect yourself from it

Artificial Intelligence or AI was one of the most popular terms of 2023. From ChatGPT to Bard and Gemini Eye etc. made Artificial Intelligence more accessible. Now the use of AI is increasing rapidly in every sector and every day we are coming into contact with it in some form or the other. On one hand many things are becoming easier with AI, the speed of work has increased, on the other hand the risks have also increased in the same proportion. Over time, one such risk is being discussed again and again, which is AI voice scam or AI voice fraud. Many cases of AI voice scam have come to light in the past. Just three-four days ago, a similar case came to light in Lucknow also. In the latest case of AI voice scam, a person from Lucknow was cheated of Rs 45 thousand. Before that, a similar case of fraud with a woman had come to light.

This is how she was defrauded.

It is important to know what AI voice scam is. For example, if we look at the Lucknow case, the victim was called by a cyber criminal posing as his relative. With the help of AI, the criminal called the person in the voice of his relative. He told the victim that he had to send Rs 90 thousand to someone, but the payment was failing. The victim sent the money to the given number. He is thankful that some payments failed, so he lost only Rs 44,500 instead of Rs 90 thousand.

Video call scams are happening a lot

Video similar to AI voice scam. Call scams are also happening a lot. In this, criminals use deepfake and artificial intelligence to make video calls to people pretending to be their acquaintances and get payment on some pretext or the other. Many times, people are blackmailed by making obscene pictures or videos using deepfakes.

Technology has erased the line

Now the most important thing is that you should not expose yourself to AI voice scam, deepfake. Save cache from video scams etc? For this you need to be very careful, because technologies like AI and deepfake have erased the line between real and fake. Even very intelligent people are not able to catch them and become victims of fraud.

These measures will help

  • Calls coming from unknown numbers. Be cautious while answering calls.
  • If someone pretending to be your acquaintance calls you from an unknown number, verify it first.
  • Fraudsters often give excuses like urgent, urgent, now needs, so be alert from them.
  • Never click on links sent in suspicious messages or emails. Do it.
  • Avoid scanning QR codes received from unknown sources.
  • Your bank or card information cannot be shared with anyone. Do not give to.
  • If you find anything suspicious, immediately complain to the bank/police.
  • Avoid fear/panic. . Your fear becomes a weapon of criminals.

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