Are you troubled by calls coming from unknown numbers? This government app will solve the problem forever

TRAI: There are many people in India who are troubled by many calls coming from unknown numbers every day. To avoid this problem, mobile users have also set Do Not Disturb setting in their phones, but that also does not provide any benefit to the users. After activating the Do Not Disturb setting, users do not stop receiving calls from unknown numbers. 

How to block unknown calls?

According to a report, every mobile user receives at least 6 unknown calls on an average every day. To overcome this problem of users, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has introduced a DND app. With the help of this app, users can completely block all calls and messages coming from unknown numbers. Let us tell you about this app, and how to use it.

TRAI’s official app will help

TRAI has made many changes in the new version of its DND App, which will benefit the users. Actually, earlier there were many bugs in this app, due to which users had difficulty in using it, but now the government has fixed all the bugs of this app. Now users will not have any problem in using this app. Users can use this app in their Android smartphones.

Follow these steps

  • For this, users will first have to download TRAI DND 3.0 app from Google Play Store.
  • After installing this app, users will receive an OTP on their mobile number, using which users will have to login. 
  • After verifying your number through OTP and then logging in, this app will start working.
  • After that, unwanted calls and messages will be automatically blocked, and you will not be bothered by such calls and messages.
  • Apart from this, if you are very worried about any number, then you can also complain against it in this app, after which TRAI will also keep an eye on that number.

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