Free Fire MAX OB44 Update goes live, see list of all special features and rewards

Free Fire MAX OB44 Update: Gamers playing Free Fire Max know the importance of every new update coming in this game. Every new update is very important for gamers, because it changes or reinvents the entire experience of gaming and game-play. This time the gamers of Free Fire were waiting for the OB44 Update, which has now been received by the gamers. Let us tell you about this update.

Three main things coming through the new update

Villain Conquest: A new mode named Villain Conquest has been included in Free Fire Max. In this mode, players will fight against villains from another world who will randomly attack during gaming. This is specifically for Bermuda map. Gamers who defeat the villains will receive rewards and get a chance to fight the dragon boss Mechadrake.

Mechadrake trial:Mechadrake trial has also come with the new update in Free Fire Max. Mechadrake’s Trail will feature a powerful dragon that hovers over the sky and tries to seize players’ treasures that they have earned by killing villains in the Villain Conquest mode. However, it also drops rewards for the players.

Kairos: Apart from these two, a new character named Kairos has also arrived in Free Fire Max through the new update. He is a special forces soldier with excellent fighting skills and a strong military background. According to Garena, this new agent will debut in the Paradox Event.

New Events and Rewards

AUG – Party Animal Skin:With the new update in Free Fire Max, a new gun skin event has also come, through which users can get great gun skins for free. The name of this event is AUG – Party Animal Skin, which has started from 17th April and will run till 23rd April. Gamers can earn free AUG &ndash by showing good performance of their skin in 40 matches; Can get Party Animal skin.

XM8-Blizzard Brawl: With this update, a weapon royale event named XM8-Blizzard Brawl has also started in Free Fire Max. This event has also started from 17th April. Gamers can get this Weapon Royale by using Spins, which increases the magazine capacity of gamers’ weapon XM8, improving the rate of fire. 

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