Good news for Threads users, know how to enjoy IPL in this app!

Threads: Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg had introduced his own micro blogging platform named Threads to compete with Elon Musk’s popular micro blogging site . This app is linked to Meta’s photo sharing app Instagram and in this, users can present multiple threads of long posts.

New feature in threads

By continuously introducing new features in its app, Meta is making it more convenient for the users than before. This time the company has introduced the feature of Live Sports Scores in its platform. From the name of this feature itself you must have understood how it will benefit you.

Through this special feature of Meta, people will be able to see live scores of different sports happening around the world. This will help users to update their posts through live scores even when they are writing threads about any game.

Will start from NBA

According to the report, Threads will first start live updating the scores of NBA i.e. America’s popular basketball competition in its app. After that, live scores of other sports will also be gradually included in this app.

In threads, users can use the live score feature before the match starts, during the match and even after the match ends. If you use the live score feature of threads before the match, the start time of the match will be visible in it. At the same time, live scores of the match will be visible during the match and the final score after the end of the match.

However, Threads can update this feature region wise i.e. according to the popular games in different countries. For example, the popularity of basketball competition NBA is very high in America, hence the company has started with NBA. Similarly, the company can start updating the scores of India’s most famous game cricket and its most popular tournament IPL in the live score feature.   However, the company has not yet given any information about this feature. 

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