Google Cloud Next 2024: Google launches many new and very special AI features, see the list here

Google Cloud Next 2024: Crores of Google users around the world were waiting for this special event of Google. Now finally many major changes have been made in the workspace during Google Cloud Next 2024. Google has launched a new app named Google Vids, which is equipped with AI features. 

Apart from this, a feature named Translate for me has also been introduced. This feature can be used during meetings held through Google Meet. With the help of this feature, you will be able to read conversations happening in other languages ​​during Google Meet in the captions of your language.  Apart from this, Google has also introduced a service called AI Security Add-on during this event, which will help users in protecting their sensitive files. Let us tell you about these special features of Google.

Google Vids

Google has launched an app named Google Vids in the Google Cloud Next 2024 event. This app is equipped with many AI features, which will help users in creating new videos. With the help of this app, users will not only be able to create videos but will also be able to share them. Through this app, users can upload their own voiceover while making a video, or they can also use some preloaded voiceovers available in the app. Overall, users can use this app for video writing, production, and AI editing tools.

Translate feature for Google Meet

Google has also introduced a special AI feature for Google Meet in this event, which was needed by many users around the world. The name of this feature of Google is Translate Offer Me. From the name of this feature itself you must have understood that it will provide the facility of language translation. This feature will be rolled out in Google Meet app by June.

This feature automatically reads the captions, and then translates it into your language. Google has added 52 new languages ​​to this feature. This means that while using Google Meet, users can take advantage of the translate feature in 69 languages ​​around the world.

AI security for specific documents

Google has also introduced a feature called AI Security Add-on during this event. The job of this feature is to keep any important document completely safe. Google has launched this feature on a limited basis for now. To use this feature, users will have to spend $10 per month.

New Gmail Feature

Google has also introduced a new Gmail feature in this event, whose main function will be to send messages. Actually, Google has launched a new voice prompting feature on Gmail. Through this feature, users will be able to send emails on voice command. This means that to send an email, you will just give some commands by speaking and this new feature of Google will use Gemini to create a wonderful email for you and also send it.

Not only this, if you write notes of some words to send an email, then on the basis of that, this feature of Google will prepare a complete perfect email in just one click and will also send it.

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