New feature for Android users in WhatsApp, this task will be completed in the blink of an eye

WhatsApp Feature: WhatsApp always keeps introducing some new feature in its app to attract its users. This is why WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. A new feature is being rolled out for Android users in WhatsApp, which can prove to be very beneficial for the users following the WhatsApp challenge.

Latest feature of WhatsApp

Actually, for all the latest news and updates about WhatsApp. WabetaInfo, a platform providing information about features, has informed through its latest report that WhatsApp has started rolling out a new feature, whose name is Channel Update Forwarding. You must have understood from the name of this feature, what benefits it can give to the users.

Actually, till now, to forward any update in the WhatsApp channel, users had to select it and click the forward icon from the bar menu above, which takes a lot of time and hence many users are not aware of the updates coming in the channel. Do not forward to. Finding a solution to this problem, WhatsApp has come up with a new method.

A new option will be available next to the reaction

After the rollout of this new feature of WhatsApp, a forward icon will be found next to the channel update present in the user’s profile. This icon will be next to Reactions, as you can also see in this post made on  X (old name Twitter). On clicking this icon, the contact list will appear in front of the users, as soon as they are selected, the update in the WhatsApp channel will be automatically forwarded.

WhatsApp has currently rolled out Android beta version of this feature. This means that at present this feature of WhatsApp has been rolled out for beta users of Android version. After completing its testing, WhatsApp will release this feature for general users.

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