Now you will be able to chat with each other in WhatsApp without exchanging numbers, these users got this feature

Soon you will be able to connect with each other in WhatsApp without exchanging numbers. The company is working on the username feature and it has started becoming available to web beta users. Under the username feature, you can add any person to your WhatsApp with the help of his username and then chat with him. You will not be able to see the contact details of people whom you add with the help of your username. That means you will not see their mobile number. At present this feature is available only to web beta users. Earlier this feature was also seen with Android beta testers.

The information about this update has been shared by Wabetainfo, a website that keeps an eye on the development of WhatsApp. A picture has also been posted from the website which we are posting here for your convenience. Apart from the username, the company is also working on status updates and dark interface for web users. Soon web users will be able to share status updates directly from their laptop or desktop without mobile. Not only media but you will also be able to post text status.  

You will be able to change your username 

The username feature of WhatsApp will help in improving the privacy of people. The username feature will work like other social media apps and every person will have a unique username. According to the website, you will also be able to change your username. However, it is not yet known what will be the time limit for this. That is to say, there is a time period for changing the username in other apps. If you have changed your name today then you can change it only after a fixed time. It remains to be seen whether something similar will happen in WhatsApp also or not. As soon as we get an update on this matter, we will share it with you.  

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