Storage will no longer be filled with useless promotional mails, Google has given a new option in the app.

Due to promotional mails in Gmail app, the storage starts filling up quickly. If you do not delete them from time to time, then the storage of Google account starts decreasing and when it becomes full, new emails are not received. To avoid promotional mails, Google provides Unsubscribe button in Gmail. However, currently this option is available under Mails or inside the three dot menu. Due to this, it takes more time for users to unsubscribe from every mail. Now in the new update, the company has given the Unsubscribe button at the top of the mail in the iOS app. With this, users can easily get rid of such mails. Currently this update has been released only for iOS app. There is no information available as to when Android users will get this.

This option was given earlierĀ 

Some time ago Google had given Select All option on the app to Android and iOS users. With its help, users can easily delete 50 mails simultaneously. Earlier in the app, mails had to be deleted one by one, which took a lot of time. To eliminate this problem, Google gave a new option to the users. In the coming time, the company is going to provide AI support in the app, which will make many tasks easier than before.

You can do all this with Add On in the web versionĀ 

In the web version of Gmail, you can add AI to your Gmail account using the Add On feature. The company gives you the support of many apps which you can install and make your work easier. You can install apps like GPT for Gmail, AI Email Writer, Report for Gmail etc.

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