Telecom Bill 2023: Now if fake SIM is sold and bought then a fine of lakhs will be imposed, know the new rules immediately

After the Telecom Bill 2023 was passed in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, it was also passed in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday and now new rules for selling and buying SIM cards have come into force. This bill has been made keeping in mind the safety of the common people. If a person violates the law, there is a provision of fine of lakhs and imprisonment of several years. Know in detail what are the important things for you in the new bill.

First of all, know that the new bill will replace the 138 year old Indian Telegraph Act. Under the new bill, if any person wrongfully creates a threat to national security (through telecom gadgets like mobile, SIM card, WiFi etc.) or is found indulging in such work, then he will be punished with imprisonment of 3 years or fine of Rs 2 crore. Fine will have to be paid. Also, both these punishments can also be given. If the telecom operator suffers any loss, a fine of Rs 50 lakh can also be imposed. Also, government officials and the government will have this right, they can tap the connection of the concerned person and if needed, they can also cancel it forever.

This much fine for buying fake SIM 

If a person takes a SIM card with a fake ID, he may have to pay 3 years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 50 thousand. Or you may get both these punishments. Verification is necessary for shopkeepers selling SIM cards. Without this they will no longer be able to sell any SIM. Also, biometric verification of customers is now mandatory.

Cloning a SIM is also a crime 

If a person clones a SIM wrongly, i.e. issues the same SIM in his own name, then this will also be counted as a crime. Under the new bill, now companies will have to take your permission before sending you promotional messages. If you are called without permission, there is a provision of a fine of Rs 2 lakh.

Message can be sent in public interest 

Under the new rule, if a message is in public interest, then telecom companies can send such messages without any permission. Like any message related to government health scheme or in times of emergency etc. 

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