The beauty is such that everyone will fall in love… You will be surprised to hear the earning of this AI model.

Spain AI Model Aitana Lopez: AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence is continuously surprising the world with its wonders. AI is making all those tasks easier, which take a lot of time for humans to do. Using AI technology, a model has been created which looks exactly like a human being. This model has been named Aitana Lopez, which is very beautiful. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that Aitana has more than 3 lakh followers on Instagram.”text-align: justify;”>This beautiful AI model from Spain is very active on social media Instagram and keeps sharing her beautiful pictures. Along with this, she also advertises for many brands. You will be surprised to know that Aitana earns more than Rs 9 lakh in a month. Aitana Lopez’s Instagram bio reads that Aitana is a 25-year-old Spanish model and is powered by AI. 


How does AI model work

An entire team works to operate Aitana. Experts generate Aetana’s images with the help of Photoshop by superimposing them at different places and combining them with other AI images. This team of Aitana decides what Aitana will do throughout the week, which places she will go to and which pictures will be uploaded on Instagram. Looking at Aitana, no one can guess that it is an AI model.

Aitana has been designed in such a way that even the beauty of a Hollywood model will seem pale in comparison to it. Aitana’s skin is very glowing and she has pink colored hair all over her head. 

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