WhatsApp ends free chat backup service, data of these users will now be saved in drive

WhatsApp, a platform used by crores of people around the world, had changed its terms and conditions last year. The company said that it will soon count the chat backup in the Google account of the users. That means the data will be saved in your Google account and if the storage in your Google account is less then you will have to pay for additional storage. If you do not want to pay money then you will have to turn off chat backup. This update will be implemented on everyone before July this year.

Meanwhile, the update is that the company has started counting Google account storage for chat backup. Currently this is happening with WhatsApp Android beta testers. If you are using the beta version, then definitely check the chat backup once. It has been told in the report of Indian Express that the company has released this update for beta testers. 

Chat backup will cost money 

If you do not want to spend money on chat backup, then you can turn off chat backup. Even if you have storage in your Google account, still turn off the photo and media option in chat backup because these fill up the storage completely. Apart from this, one option is that you can also transfer chats and data to a new phone through WhatsApp chat transfer. For this, WiFi of both the mobiles should be on the same network. If you do not adopt both these methods, you will soon have to pay for chat backup. 

Let us tell you, before even the common users get this update, the company will show them this message in a popup form 30 days in advance that now the chat backup will be counted in the users’ Google account. 

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